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Name:Dende Bede pl
Reborn Level:1400
Guild Membership:Leader of the SpartaFansHooligans
Last login:23 April 2020, 1:56 am

Level Ki Speed Glove Sword Def
1704 105 68 43 10 10

20 Apr 2020, 19:45killed at level 1728 by a ultra uub
20 Apr 2020, 18:23killed at level 1721 by a li shenron and a fury tapion
20 Apr 2020, 18:02crushed at level 1740 by a tapion, a rocco, a fury uub, a ultra uub, a uub II, a tsuful oozaru, a gogetta, a super c17, a perfect c17, a Cell Perfect, a uub, a c17 and a perfect c18
20 Apr 2020, 18:00killed at level 1760 by a fury tapion and a fury rocco
20 Apr 2020, 16:55killed at level 1760 by a chibi rocco
17 Apr 2020, 22:40killed at level 1236 by Tera Rod and a machine
17 Apr 2020, 11:20killed at level 1403 by a chibi gunso
17 Apr 2020, 11:20killed at level 1419 by a chibi gunso
17 Apr 2020, 11:19killed at level 1436 by a chibi gunso
17 Apr 2020, 11:18killed at level 1452 by a fury brolly


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